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There are many different attractions in the vicinity of the property.


We have put together the most popular for you.

Mostar old town

Mostar Old Town (Stari Grad Mostar) is beautiful and full of life. Known for its old bridge (Stari Most), there are countless coffee shops, snack bars and traditional restaurants. The best thing to do is find a cozy spot, order a local coffee and watch the hustle and bustle in the narrow streets of the old town.

Route planner: Google Maps

Spanish square

The Spanish Square in Mostar is located in the geographical center of the city, which mutated into a border area between two violently separated ethnic groups during the Bosnian War. Today it is a place where the fragmented population is supposed to come closer together again. It is also a memorial to the Spanish UNPROFOR soldiers who died during the peacekeeping mission in Mostar.

Route planner: Google Maps

Kravice waterfalls

The spectacular Kravice Waterfall (Vodopad Kravica) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Europe's best-kept natural secrets. Plunging 30 meters down soft tufa rocks on the Trebizat River southwest of Mostar, the falls have carved out a natural amphitheater that stretches almost 120 meters.

Route planner: Google Maps

Zip Line / Big Swing

Zip Line Stari Most is one of the hottest new adrenaline attractions in Mostar. Visit us and experience a unique ride across the beautiful Neretva River with a direct view of the famous Old Bridge. For the less daring, there is also the largest swing in the whole country.

Route planner: Google Maps
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